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Starting in July 2018 Chrome will mark all “HTTP” sites as “not secure”

Over the years Google has been pushing users to become more secure by pushing them away from non-encrypted websites, something we have agreed with for years. Google started adjusting SEO rankings based on whether the website had an SSL installed on it. Another example was when Google Chrome would not let you access a website with an invalid SSL without …

Using Windows XP or Vista? You might not be able to use Gmail soon.

It’s time to upgrade those old Windows XP and Windows Vista computers that you have. Starting on February 8th, 2017, you will no longer be able to login to your Gmail account. Google has confirmed that Gmail will not work for Chrome browser 53 and below. Google did mention that you while you won’t be able to use the full function version of Gmail, you will be redirected to the basic HTML version, and you would be able to continue using it on the affected browsers through 2017.