Starting in July 2018 Chrome will mark all “HTTP” sites as “not secure”

Over the years Google has been pushing users to become more secure by pushing them away from non-encrypted websites, something we have agreed with for years. Google started adjusting SEO rankings based on whether the website had an SSL installed on it. Another example was when Google Chrome would not let you access a website with an invalid SSL without forcing it to proceed by clicking one link to get to another link that allowed you to access the site. While this is a great step to help protect people, it is also an inconvenience at times for your website visitors if you are not compliant.

This is probably one of their most forceful nudges yet to force developers and website owners to provide security to their visitors and customers. The Google Chrome team has announced that starting in Chrome version 68, estimated to release in July of 2018, they will mark all non-encrypted pages with a “Not Secure” tag in the address bar.

Chrome 68 "Not Secure" warning on non-encrypted websites

Chrome 68 “Not Secure” warning on non-encrypted websites

What does this warning mean for you?

If you are a website owner this is already causing your website to show up lower in search engine results as Google has already down-ranked your website. It will now start to cause your visitors not to trust your website as well now that Google Chrome will mark it as “Not Secure”.

What can I do to fix/prevent Google Chrome’s “Not Secure” warning?

There is a very simple and inexpensive fix or preventative measure to correct the “Not Secure” tag. There are options to purchase SSL certificates through many different providers, we recommend We use them for registering domain names, purchasing SSL certificates, and more. If you are not sure what certificate to purchase though, we can help you pick the right one for your website, all you have to do is contact us. We also provide the service of installing, and then renewing the SSL when it is time.

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