Perco Equipment Rentals – New Website Launch

We launched a new website today for Perco Equipment Rentals, a company that specializes in equipment rentals for oil and natural gas construction and repair companies. They offer equipment such as mini-excavators, skid steers, UTVs, trailers and more, but also the attachments you need to get the job done.

About the website project.

Perco Equipment Rentals had started building their own website using a DIY website builder, but they were not satisfied with the overall look and needed some assistance with it. When they called us, we reviewed their DIY website, what they wanted to accomplish, and their budget requirements. After spending a period of time researching the industry, how they fit into it, and what they needed on their website, we presented an estimate that fell into their budget and met their needs.

Once we set up the overall plan for the website, we began the design process, built the website, wrote content, and added functionality that would make the site stand out when visited by others in their industry.

After we finished the website build process, we reviewed the site, made any additional changes and adjustments and prepared the site for launch.

Before & After

About the launch

When Perco Equipment Rentals decided they were ready to launch the site, we were easily able to connect the domain to their website and watch it go live.

Post Launch Process

We have a few tasks that we complete directly after a website has been launched to help the website build traffic, and to give them a small boost from search engines. We submit each website to search engines, submit sitemaps, and begin listing them in local listing engines that help build relevant back links to their website. While these steps do not guarantee success by any means, it does help the website get more traffic faster.

Are you ready to build your website?

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