T-Shirt Tycoon – New Website Launch

Last week we launched a new website for T-Shirt Tycoon, a private label custom design clothing provider located in Texas. They work with clothing distributors across the country and provide high quality clothing with unique designs.

About the website project.

Over the past few years T-Tycoon has been through multiple website launches that were poorly executed. Each launch brought in a new set of problems, and didn’t do much to solve existing problems. When I was initially contacted by the company, I discussed options and provided an estimate. While another larger firm won the contract, the site did not meet the expectations of the client, but they went ahead with the launch.

I was contacted again to discuss redeveloping the site and completing the portions of the site that were not completed before the site launch. This time around I was awarded the project and began work shortly after.

Custom calculator to determine pricing for custom options

During the developmentĀ I worked closely with the T-Shirt Tycoon team to rebuild the website on a different builder, making the website simpler to edit and create additional website content. Changing the content builder also require each page to be rebuild, and many of them to be moved from one post type to another within WordPress, which was a drawn out process.

Redeveloping the eCommerce templates was required to meet their needs such as adding a custom calculator that displayed a dynamic price based on the options selected by the potential customer, custom color swatches, and many more features that would help increase their sales.

The Launch.

We developed the website on Pantheon, an excellent hosting provider that offers development and live environments and much more. The development and live environments allowed us to launch easily. While we had a few bugs to fix, everything else went according to plan and the launch was low stress and very simple.

During the launch we setup their website with a SSL certificate so their customers will not be shown a “Not Secure” notice for users using Google Chrome version 68 or higher.

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