New Website Development – Mitex International

First of all we are excited to announce the launch of the new Mitex web development project. While we have been working on this web project we have seen it grow and come together in a magnificent way. When we first started working on the project it was simple website build, however it evolved quickly into an eCommerce site.

About The Web Development Project

MindFire worked with Mitex in order to develop their website, write content, and get their website launch ready. We developed their website on a content management system with an eCommerce component.

The CMS lets Mitex’s employees make changes to their website without having to learn code traditionally required to build and maintain websites. As a result the CMS lowers maintenance costs for the website. The eCommerce component displays their products to their potential customers.

Their new website features a modern full screen, yet simple design with responsive breakpoints. The website can be viewed on desktops and laptop, and mobile devices.

The Side Project

We developed a document management system for Mitex while we were building their primary website. The system allows them to first upload documents online and it would return a QR code. Then they would download and insert into designs for product labels that their customers could scan and retrieve the documents such as Safety Data Sheets and Technical Data Sheets on their phone by a simple download.

About Mitex International

The Texas based Mitex International is a supply company of insulation, sealants, and building products. They also have multiple warehouses across the United States, in addition to their Canada branch.

About MindFire

Madison, GA based MindFire is a computer services business. We provide computer networking, IT, web development and computer repair services to home and business users. With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to complete the job.

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