Will a Wi-Fi Mesh Network Fix My Wi-Fi Signal?

Wireless mesh networks are all the buzz right now. These devices are promising to solve the problems of dead zones within your home or business, and to provide you with a better networking experience. Truth be told, they have been around much longer than most users know. Mesh networks have been in place for large scale commercial usage for quite some time, also they don't only apply to Wi-Fi networks but to all types of radio signal.

Pros & Cons Of Wi-Fi Mesh Networks


  • Improved Signal
    Mesh networks will improve the signal strength within your home or business.
  • Kill Wi-Fi Dead Zones
    With improved signal strength and range, you will see less, if any dead spots.
  • Modular
    You can add, move, and remove nodes to meet your needs.
  • Single network name or SSID
    Instead of having to connect to different SSIDs within the same network, you will connect to one, and be transferred seamlessly to other nodes.


  • Cost
    The cost of mesh networking devices are high, however they are immensely valuable.
  • Individual node range
    Each node's range is less than what you would get from a router, depending on the building it could require more nodes than come in a single kit.
  • Lack of advanced features
    For most users this will not be an issue, however if you require these options, you may need to look into other options.

How Do Wireless Mesh Networks Work?

Mesh networks work by having multiple nodes that relay information between each other. Each node spreads the signal further than the last.

The primary node acts as a gateway and connects directly to your modem, and each additional node connects to the node nearest to itself that has the highest signal strength. This differs from traditional networks where each node talked to a central device, or gateway.

In the consumer space, these nodes are commonly configured with the use of an app for your smartphone.

Will A Mesh Network Work For Me?

A Wi-Fi mesh network isn't for everyone, however is beneficial for many homes and businesses. Mesh networks are most useful in large homes and buildings or homes that are "well-built", meaning they are built out of materials that block or absorb radio signals such as Wi-Fi, cellular signals, and more.

If your home or building is over a couple thousand square feet, or built from old brick, built from metal, or contains large amounts of plaster you may be an excellent candidate for a mesh network.

We generally recommend mesh networks for many of our customers that have large homes or businesses in older historic buildings, which are common near us. This is especially true when attempting to cover multiple levels.

What Is The Best Wi-Fi Mesh Network Kit

With mesh networking becoming widely popular in the consumer market, there have been many different variations of products released. If the investment cost doesn't scare your off, you just have to choose the best mesh networking solution for you.

We have two products that we recommend to our customers, see the two options below.

Linksys Velop Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Network

whole home wifi mesh network

Netgear Orbi Whole Home Wi-Fi Mesh Network

whole home wireless wi-fi mesh network

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